I didn’t wash my hair on Day 5, but I did feel compelled to use some dry shampoo as it looked disappointingly greasy even after its bicarb shampoo wash yesterday, and I was going out in public!

DSCF9102 (2)

Stunning views down the valley at Castle Drogo

We went for a day out at the National Trust property, Castle Drogo, Devon, which was fantastic. The gardens and views across the valley were beautiful and we even got┬áto “meet the builders” as the property itself is undergoing a long-term renovation. Although it is under scaffolding so the castle itself doesn’t look at its best, I can vouch for this┬ábeing a great place for a walk with or without greasy hair.

In terms of single-use plastic, it was a fairly easy day. At lunch time, all the hot meals were served minus plastic whilst many of the fizzy drinks available were in glass bottles. So whilst the choice was limited, I was still able to have a delicious lunch. However, my partner did suffer as there were only small plastic sachets of ketchup available to accompany his burger. He willingly took it on the nose and tucked in to his meal with no ketchup (sacrifices must be made!)

Although this doesn’t appear to have much to do with hair care, I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that tomato ketchup is supposed to make a good shampoo! I will investigate this further and report back.